Thank you Budget 101.  They posted this …Directions are HERE  wouldn’t these make a lovely gift!


GET YOUR FREE FINISH DISHWASHING TABS….In  Smartsaver through the websaver portal you will find a coupon…get it while it is available though. It is a Mail in Rebate Offer…remember to follow their instructions to the letter. CLICK HERE

GATEWAY, Weight Watchers Whole Wheat Bagels, while supplies last for .97 (package of 6)


NICE PCPLUS OFFER!!!   There is a special at Superstore this week which gives you these free!  Don’t forget to claim your CO51 CASH BACK! GIANT TIGER in Dartmouth have these on for $1.88 with $1.00 coupon on the package…then you claim you .50 cash back!


NO FRILLS, Ziplock Sandwich Bags, package of 72 for $1.97. Use your buy 2 get $2.00 off coupons from a recent insert and get these for .97 a package.  Check your PCPLUS offers…I received one on the Ziploc today 🙂


NO FRILLS, Alcan 50′ Foil $1.97. Use your $1.00 COUPGON coupon and get this for .97…that is a really good price.

When you start to coupon you quickly realize that you need to organize your coupons in a way that works quickly and easily for YOU!  There are lots of ways to do this, I have tried many and to be honest the one that works best for me is using the Glow Girl Coupon Organizer. There are many sizes, I tried the smaller one and although great, I found that I needed the bigger one…one that would hold everything for me, that I could easily take with me…I do NOT like the Binder’s, to much work and I didn’t like taking a binder into a store flipping through it. 

Glow Girl can be $20-$25.00 for the small one that holds about 1500 coupons….they have given our Group Saving With Gail (SWG ) a 10% discount….just remember to put that in your order!

CLICK HERE to check their site, it is coming close to Christmas…tell your family you want this for a gift !


INDEPENDENT GROCER  Cashmere Toilet Tissue $3.99. Great time to use your $1.00 printable and get these for $2.99! Limit in place  FLYER HERE




FREE FREE FREE…Sample of the new Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub …plus it comes with a coupon…and we ALL love coupons!  1 only per household and only while supplies last…so need I say it lol… GO GO GO  CLICK HERE


Allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery


SOBEYS, remember to “Load”  your weekly offer’s, from bonus AirMiles to $ reductions to BOGO’S….if you are shopping at Sobeys…what are you missing if you do not load your offer’s each week to your card!  CLICK HERE for the “skinny” on Sobeys My Offers


COUPGON , love their digital coupons! Make certain your phone/tablet has the FREE app downloaded and that you check each and every week for the offer’s that go live on Thursday. Remember you can even “clip”…ie save some of the offer’s for the following week!  CLICK HERE for the Sneak Peek for next week


CONTEST, Win 1 years worth of fuel and who couldn’t use that!  Contest ends October 19th  ENTER HERE 


NO FRILLS (Sept 21 – 27) Lantic Sugar $1.47  FLYER HERE


NO FRILLS (Sept 21-27) Armstrong Block Cheese 400 -450g for $3.97  FLYER HERE


NO FRILLS (Sept 21-27) Tiger Towels 6 rolls for $3.97. There are .75 off coupons out there AND there is also a CO51 Cash Back Rebate of .75 which would make these $2.47. If you receive the $1.00 off coupon it will make these even better at  $2.22… Check the conditions on the CO51 Offer when it goes live before you purchase these.  FLYER HERE

ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21-27) Axe Bodywash $2.88 473/500ml with a limit of 6. Use your Insert $1.50 coupon to get this for $1.38 or the tear pad coupon found at Superstore a few weeks ago and get it for $1.88  FLYER HERE


ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21-27) Regular Ground Beef $2.29 FLYER HERE


FOODLAND, Miracle Whip 650 – 891 ml for $2.99  FLYER HERE


FOODLAND, Ivory Bar Soap, a package of 3 for $1.24. If you use the printable .75 off coupon from HERE or your P&G insert coupon you can get 3 bars of Ivory for .39…that is .13 cents a bar  FLYER HERE


PCPLUS OFFER’S …make sure you load these offer’s!  Now…to find the sale and the coupons to go with them !  Will update as soon as we find the best one


SOBEY’S 3 Day Sale Only (Sept 21, 22 & 23rd). Kraft P Butter $2.99. If the Natural’s are included in this sale, use the .75 printable coupon from HERE and get these for $2.24


ATLANTIC SOBEYS, Tide $1.99 (Sept 21, 22 & 23 ONLY ). Use your printable buy 2 get $3.00 off coupon from HERE making these .49 each. STOCK UP TIME

ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21-27) Crest Toothpaste & Oral B Toothbrush’s  $1.00 .  Use your buy 3 get $3.50 off coupon from the P&G Insert and get them totally FREE or use the buy 2 get $2.00 off printable coupon HERE and just pay taxes


ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21-27) Oasis Juice Packs $1.99. Use your $1.50 coupon from the Graves Apple Juice and get these for .49 for the entire package!  Don’t have those coupons…Graves is on sale this week for .88…see below for the details


ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21-27) Quaker Oatmeal $1.99. Use your buy 4 get 1 FREE coupon found in Sobey’s right now…get 5 for $7.96 which is $1.59 each.


ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21-27) Tostitos $1.99 with a limit of 10


ATLANTIC SUPERSTORE (Sept 21 – 27)  Atlantic Butter $2.99  Watch your PCPLUS offers for a possible offer on these


WALMART (Sept 21-27) KNORR Sidekicks 4/$4.00. Use the buy 2 get $1.00 off…or the .75 off coupon…making these either .50 each or .25 each.  The buy 2 get $1.00 off coupons are found in our N.S. Sobey’s stores right now


WALMART (Sept 21-27) Pancake Mix $1.97. Use the Quaker Buy 4 get one FREE Coupon found in Sobey’s right now . If you purchased 4 of these and get 1 FREE it makes them $1.55 each….or mix and match Quaker products including the Syrup which is also on sale.

WALMART (Sept 21-27) Syrup $1.97. Use the Quaker Buy 4 get one FREE Coupon found in Sobey’s right now . If you purchased 4 of these and get 1 FREE it makes them $1.55 each….or mix and match Quaker products including the Pancake Mix which is also on sale.


WALMART (Sept 21-27) Frozen Grade A or Utility Turkeys




WALMART (Sept 21-27) English Cucumbers .77 lb


GIANT TIGER (Sept 20 – 26) Lays Chips $2.00. Purchase 170-255 g, use the printable .75 off coupon found HERE and get these for $1.25


GIANT TIGER (Sept 20 – 26 )  & NO FRILLS (Sept 21 – 27) Robin Hood Flour 2.5 kg for $3.97. Use the $1.50 coupon from a recent Insert and get these for $2.47



BULK BARN COUPON  $3.00 off when you purchase $10 or more (before Taxes ) 1 Coupon per customer. September 14-27th CLICK HERE to print yours

GUARDIAN GATE – DARTMOUTH (Sept 20-26th) TIM HORTON’S K CUPS 30 pack for $8.66 that is .29 per cup. Note the Limit in store. FLYER HERE  

GUARDIAN GATE – DARTMOUTH (Sept 20-26th) GRAVES APPLE JUICE .88 per bottle for the 945 ml.  Make certain the bottle has the coupons for Oasis on it!  You can also price match this at No Frills, Walmart & Giant Tiger. These Oasis Coupons are pure Gold lol  FLYER HERE

GUARDIAN GATE – DARTMOUTH (Sept 20-26th) HALLS COUGH DROPS for .44. Winter isn’t that far away sadly 🙁  FLYER HERE


CADDLE CASH BACK  Get paid for shopping! Purchase any of their weekly offer’s, upload your receipt to claim the cash back, build to $20 and simply request your cheque. You can also do weekly survey’s to earn small cash back’s. OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT & your partners account HERE