SOBEYS, Honey Bunches of Oats $1.99…buy the Apples & Cinnamon flavor, use the $1.50 printable coupon from HERE and pay .49 each 🙂 Thanks to a member of our facebook  Beth Chaisson site for this deal


SOBEYS  Buy 2 of the above bars for $3.00…use the coupon from Sobey’s (now in stores) and get a free box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal!  Coupon expires Jan 8 2019.

Sobey’s also has a spend$100 get 50 Airmiles (ONE DAY ONLY OFFER)


SUPERSTORE  has the SWIFFER STARTER KITS included (confirmed by me) in the Swiffer $4.00 sale this week…wohoo (one of my weakness’s are Swiffer’s).  There is a $3.00 Printable found can print 2 per computer/browser making these $1.00…..there is Also a CO51 Cash Back for $3.00 this week if you don’t have the Coupon!


SUPERSTORE…CHEERIOS $2.00…use the Peelie from previous box’s a few months ago and get these for $1.00…there is also a .50 coupon on Cheerios over 300 g which makes these $1.50 (tear pad from walmart recently)


SOBEYS has  PEPPERIDGE FARMS GOLDFISH Crackers on sale for $1.99….if you have the $1.00 printable coupon out awhile back you can get these for $.99…but wait…if you purchase the White Cheddar Blased Flavour type there is a CASH BACK ON CADDLE FOR $1.00 making these FREE…always check your offer’s BEFORE you purchase to ensure they are still live and claim ASAP…there are also several other types on CADDLE this week….that would make these .50!

OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT HERE and begin saving!


SHOPPERS DRUG MART….ONE DAY ONLY SATURDAY OCTOBER 20TH  Dozen Eggs $1.88  Remember their Bonus Points Offer and your Personal Offers!


SHOPPERS DRUG MART…nice Sidekicks sale of $ .88 each.  If you use the new coupon out at Superstore which is buy 2 Sidekicks and get 1 Knorr Selects FREE. For all 3 it would cost $1.76…but wait…there are several points offer’s…check your personal points offer or the 20 x the points which would make this deal even better. The 20 x points is usually a savings of 30%…so factoring that in the savings...ONE DAY ONLY SALE ********SATURDAY OCTOBER 20TH!!!!!



WALMART has KIDS ADVIL ON 2/$10 (100 ml size) . I hate to think of cold season coming, but it isn’t far away. There is a $3.00 printable for Children’s Advil found HERE which makes these $2.00 each.


SUPERSTORE…COFFEE MATE BLISS is on for $2.99….1) use 4 x $2.00 printable found HERE  = $11.96 less 4 x $2.00 coupon’s = $3.96…then factor the points above 3,000 (value of $3.00) which makes it $ .96 for 4 Coffee Mate Bliss.  You can print 2 coupons per computer per browser and also have friends/family print some for you 🙂  Nice to take to work for a treat for your co workers or just have a small stash at home for family! 

SHOPPERS DRUG MART starting October 20th. VIM CLEANERS 500 ml – 1L for $1.99. use your $1.00 insert coupon and it makes these .99

CADDLE CASH BACK ACCOUNTS offer weekly Survey’s..very short to do and earn some cash….do them this week and you can almost pay for the Potatoes from Gateway lol  Don’t have an account yet…hmmm  time to get one for you and your partner. CLICK HERE to open your Caddle account


SUPERSTORE …PAMPERS PURE WIPES have been a regular non sale price of $4.49. Use the $3.00 printable coupon from HERE and note the Points Offer at the store for 2,000 (value of 2.00 ) . This will give you an overage of $.51 which you can use towards the taxes!  Need more coupons? Ask family/friends to print some for you 🙂 Great for Baby Shower Gifts!

There is also a Baby Promo on this week at Superstore…so check that out



FREE PUMPKIN DECORATING AT ALDERNEY LANDING  CLICK HERE for the details 🙂   Thank you to our member Jelena for this awesome activity!

Not only can you carve a pumpkin, but you can do it for FREE for the next two weekends compliments of Alderney Landing. Visit the weekly market and then stop by the parking lot side of Alderney Landing next to the waterfront from 9:00am – 12:00pm and take a decorated pumpkin home with you. Pumpkins and decorating materials are provided FREE of charge. Happy Halloween!


GATEWAY, while supplies last! CLAIM YOUR .25 CADDLE CASH BACK which makes these $ .72…need more than 10 lbs…buy in two separate transactions so that you and your partner can each claim a rebate and get 20 lbs for $1.44…OPEN YOUR CADDLE ACCOUNT HERE and remember you and your partner can  each have an account!  If you have a No Frills that will price match Gateway (my stores do not) then check your personal offer’s for a potato points offer to reduce this even more.

GATEWAY, while supplies last. Nice to have a few of these all chopped and frozen in containers for use during the winter months.  Our daughter loves Ham and Pineapple pizza’s 🙂

GATEWAY while supplies last. We have tried these and they are pretty good 🙂

GATEWAY while supplies last selected varieties of Lunch Mate .97

GATEWAY, 1.5lb Ham’s for $2.97


SUPERSTORE has a regular price of $4.49 for these wipes….this past week ending October 17 has a 2,000 points offer and here is a $3.00 coupon..score! Money Maker…watch this week to see if the points offer continues on these


LAWTON’S (3 Days Only Fri/Sat/Sun) VILLAGGIO BREAD $2.22. Use your $2.00 mail out coupon from the Walmart Coupon site (NLA) and get these for .22 a loaf

FREE FREE  at PHARMASAVE where the bread is $1.99


WALMART starting October 18th. LAYS 255G, RUFFLES 240G-245G, TOSTITOS 220G-320G OR SMARTFOOD 150G-220 G   4 for $10…Buy 4 and mix and match using the above coupons and you can get a pretty good deal on these. THE COUPONS CAN BE PRINTED HERE…watch CO51 for offer’s when they go live on Thursday.



WALMART starting October 18th. AYLMER SOUPS (Assorted types) for .37



GUARDIAN GATE DARTMOUTH starting October 17th. REESE MINIS  200g $1.27….might be nice for an addition to a Christmas stocking


SUPERSTORE  starting October 18th. IMPERIAL MARGARINE 454g $1.00

SUPERSTORE starting October 18th. CREST TOOTHPASTE (60-95ml), ORAL B MANUAL TOOTHEBRUSH’S & ORAL B 50 m FLOSS all $1.00.  Use  the buy 2 get $2.00 off printable coupon from HERE and get these FREE (just pay the taxes)


SUPERSTORE starting October 18th. AYLMER ACCENTS $1.00…use the buy 2 get $1.00 off coupon out months ago in a booklet and get these for $ .50 a can which is a great price!

SUPERSTORE starting October 18th. CHEF BOYARDEE $1.00 & WALMART for .97




SUPERSTORE starting October 18- October 24th. 10,000 PCPLUS POINTS (Value of $10) when you spend (WUS) $50 on the selected items!

SUPERSTORE starting October 18th. CAMPBELL’S BROTH 900 ml…2/$3.00…Purchase 4 and 1) use the Printable buy 3 get 1 FREE coupon found HERE  or the tear pad  buy 3 get 1 free coupon found at Superstore …then 2) cross your fingers for the $2.00 Cash Back again this week on CO51.  It would make these 4 for $2.50 which is $ .63 each with all factored in!  STOCK UP!  OPEN YOUR CO51 ACCOUNT HERE and remember…your partner can also have an account!  YOU NEED TO PRICE MATCH AT WALMART….ONE OF THE CONDITIONS OF THIS OFFER…ALWAYS  check conditions on any offer before you purchase!


SUPERSTORE starting October 18th. CLASSICO PASTA SAUCE $2.00  Also on at Guardian Gate – Dartmouth starting October 17th for $1.97



FAMILY DRUG CENTRE (382 Portland Street) KRAFT MAY 890 ml $1.99…if you have a PCPLUS PERSONAL offer and your local NO FRILLS will price match this store…you can sweeten this already sweet deal!

FREE…Follow @BenefitCanada on Instagram to receive a fun size Gimme Brow+ volumizing fibre gel.  CLICK HERE


GIANT TIGER starting October 17th. D’ITALIANO BREAD/BUNS $1.88… Buy the buns and use the BOGO coupon found HERE and get these for  $.94 each.  Limit of 4

GIANT TIGER starting October 17th. SNACK PACKS $.87  Limit of 4


GIANT TIGER starting October 17th. SUGARDALE BACON  375g (limit of 4) $2.87

NO FRILLS starting October 18th. TIDE SIMPLY $3.00   the printable coupon buy 2 get $3 off excludes this type of Laundry Detergent but check your Cash back offer’s when they go live (or your current one’s to save).

NO FRILLS starting October 18th. TIDE SIMPLY PODS 13 PKG $3.00…use the $2.00 Printable found HERE and get this package for $1.00…works out to be a sweet .07 a load…not bad!  You can print 2 coupons per computer, per browser (no copies are allowed! )


NO FRILLS starting October 18th. BOUNCE DRYER SHEETS 70/80 SHEETS $3.00…buy 2 and use the buy 2 get $3.00 off printable coupon found here making these $ .75 a package! PRINT HERE


NO FRILLS starting October 18th. BARILLA PASTA  $ .97, use your  .75 off tear pad coupon and get these little gems for $.22 each 🙂

NO FRILLS starting October 18th. KELLOGG’S CEREALS 320-450g $2.97…several coupon’s out there from new one’s on the Superstore Coupon board as well as the Sheet of Coupons from Walmart awhile back…all $.50 off making these $ 2.47 a Box. Check your Cash Backs when they go live as there is often Cereal Cash Backs

SUPERSTORE has select KELLOGG’S & GENERAL MILLS Cereals on for $2.00 (210-355g)…Fruit Loops is showing….check your coupons for sizes and purchase the one’s within the coupon size and get the KELLOGG’S for $1.50 


NO FRILLS starting October 18th. Pk of 12 K-D $6.97…it works out to be $ .58 a package

NO FRILLS starting October 18th. REAL CANADIAN NATURAL SPRING WATER 24x500ml $1.97…check your Personal PC Offer’s and save if you have one already


CETAPHIL CLUB…join the club and receive up to $6.00 in Coupons. CLICK HERE


WOW BUTTER…request your FREE Sample of WOW Butter…it is Nut free and taste just like Peanut Butter.  Code is WOW….only a certain number of samples given out each day so if you don’t get yours today, try again tomorrow. CLICK HERE

D’ITALIANO BUNS BOGO PRINTABLE COUPON CLICK HERE TO PRINT YOURS. Remember 2 prints allowed per computer/browser. NO PHOTOCOPIES allowed.


SCOTTIES Printable Coupon, good on a 6 pk. CLICK HERE to print yours , 2 prints per computer/browser


AWESOME Printable Coupon, buy any 2 of the Items listed above and get $3.00 off  CLICK HERE to print yours…it is listed under FABRIC CARE

EARN CASH….There are lots of different Survey sites out there….Hubby and I use Legerweb….the more survey’s you do the more they seem to  send you and it is a nice little amount of Cash for us when you tally them up! As always I cash out at $20 and tuck in away. Often Survey’s are for $1.00 or $2.00  SIGN UP HERE and begin earning some money.


COUPON ORGANIZER from Glow Girl. This is by far the best Coupon Organizer I have ever used…I love it 🙂


CADDLE is similar to CO51, a Cash Back Rebate site but differs in that it also offer’s quick easy survey’s each week to earn cash. Build your account to $20 and then request your cheque it is that easy!  You and your partner can each have an account as well.  If you haven’t opened your account yet…CLICK HERE to open yours and start  your saving!