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WALMART…Barilla Pasta $.87…use the .75 off coupon and get these for .12 a box….MOST DEFINITELY STOCK UP TIME (there are one’s expiring in December 31st…GREAT time to use these)

WALMART Shreddies on for $1.94..use the $1.00 printable found HERE and get these for .94

WALMART…Michelina’s on for .98..use the buy 6 get $1.00 printable coupon found HERE and get them for $ .81

WALMART…Palmolive 828ml for $1.47…use the buy 2 get $1.50 tear pad coupon out at Superstore about a month ago and get these for $ .72 each….if you have a personal offer on PCPLUS..save it and price match at No Frills to sweeten the deal

SUPERSTORE…Black Diamond Cheese Slices $2.00

SUPERSTORE…Select Secret Deodorant 45-84 on sale for $2.00 (picture above is display only)….use the $1.00 tear pad coupons out at Superstore about a month ago (can only get these in a trade now)…it makes these $1.00 …use the link HERE…buy $10 worth and get 2,000 points….when all factored cost is .60 plus taxes of course!

WALMART….Lots of different types of VIM Cleaners…from Floor to bathroom and in between on sale for $1.97. Use the tear pad coupon out this past summer ( would have to trade to find these gems now) and get these for .97…TIP: When you see coupons make sure you pick up a few and tuck them away waiting for the right sale…that’s where it makes a difference in your budget!

GATEWAY 2 lbs Carrots $.27….great price for some veggies..

GATEWAY 2 lbs Onions for .27! You can’t go wrong!

GATEWAY…. .97 I picked up a few of these and popped them into our freezer right away