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I am a real Lemon fanatic. I love it in water and especially in a glass of  ice cold Diet Pepsi., but they are expensive little devils lol. I find sometimes a hit and miss on the quality of the lemon, add to that they never last long in our house!.

Hubby found this product “True Lemon” on Amazon and quite frankly I am SOLD on them.  1 packet is equal to 1 wedge, 0 calories  0 sugars. It is Crystallized Lemon (Citric Acid, Lemon Oil, Lemon Juice with no preservatives and is Gluten Free ).

We tried the small box of 32 first to try it out, loved it  and just ordered and received the large box of 500 packets!  The large box is  on sale on Amazon for $39.99 which works out to be .08 a packet. For us this is a big savings with the amount of Lemon we go through in the house. The Smaller packet is also on sale for $5.20.

Plus they delivered it to us FREE, didn’t even have to go out to the store lol .  Check on Amazon as they often have sales like this….even at the regular price it is a good deal!



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