1. Dear Gail,
    My name is Sarah, I’m a mom of two, and currently stay at home most days. I have never written a “fan” letter before , but I feel like you should know how your article “saving money is addictive” has changed my life. When I read the article a few years ago, I had no financial stability…money came and went quickly. Bills were always paid and there was food in the fridge but there were also emergency trips to the food bank and having to borrow money. Like my finances, my life was unstable. My background is one of those in which I would like to forget. But I always persisted to make a better life no matter what I had to do, within limits, of course! And when I had my children it gave me all the more reason to buckle down and find the stability I had for so long been missing. But sometimes, no matter how hard I would try, I couldn’t find an even ground to step on. Until your article caught my eye! “Saving money is addictive”… what a title! I had to read to it, 1) because I really wanted to save money and 2)because the title was great! From your article, I learned about pricematching. Although I had heard about it, I didn’t know much about the policies or even the basic rules. Pricematching was something i could easily do to save money on not only groceries but buses and cabs. That ten to fifteen dollars i saved through pricematching, put more food in our bellies, and i didnt have to go to the food bank that month; that was more of a reward for me than the savings, knowing i didnt have to rely on anyone else. It was the first step toward my financial future as I know it now. From there, i proceeded to teach myself everything i could about saving money (I would say it became addictive!) Through these last few years of learning how to save money I have been able to not only fill the cupboards twice over in my house each month, but help out my family, friends and neighbour’s when they are in need. I have paid off creditors and loan agencies, and cut nearly all of my bills in half. It started with your article and price matching but it became so much more. It allowed me to be free of worry. Although I have heard your name a few times over the years, I’m sorry to say I haven’t been following you, as one of the main reasons I have saved so much money is because up until recently I haven’t had Internet or cable (BIG money saver!). But my family is getting bigger (and bored) so we are now on the net (only because I ended up with a great deal from pricematching). Looking up your website is one of the first things I’ve done since getting it. I love all of the tips and tricks you’ve spoken of and I can’t wait to see more. I do look for you in the paper…which is still my go to flyer source. A real weight has been lifted off of my shoulders all because of that HIGHlariously named article and the advice that was in it. It is true saving money IS addictive, because the satisfaction you get from seeing each and every dollar saved is uncomparible. I realize I sill have a long way before I am completely financialy stable but Im well on my way there. I wanted to thank you for what I thought was a somewhat humorous way to look at saving money and for the insight, as I have an addictive personality and saving money is a better way to use that not so positive personal feature! Thank you!

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