FEBRUARY 16TH, 2017 A RECIPE FROM .Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt

1 pork loin roast
30 ml chopped garlic
30 ml grainy mustard 
5 ml sea salt
5 ml cracked black pepper 
Heat oven to 350
Combine garlic, mustard, sea salt and pepper.  Whisk till well mixed.  Generously coat roast with mixture. 
Meanwhile, in a  sautee pan heat 30 ml of veg oil on medium-high heat. When oil is heated, sear roast on both sides.  
Bake in oven till roast reaches an internal temperature of 140F
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
1 lb brussell sprouts
15 ml olive oil
15 ml balsamic vinegar 
Salt&Pepper to taste
Wash brussel sprouts and drain water off.  Cut in half.  In a bowl mix with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper.  Roast in oven until tender but not mushy. 
Mashed turnip  (ON SALE AT CHOPS THIS WEEK  $ .38 LB )
Peel enough turnip to provide you 1.5-2 pounds of cubed turnip.  Heat water to boiling, cook until full cooked (fork will go through easily)
Add 15 ml of margarine, a dash of chili powder, salt and pepper to taste. Mash to your preferred consistency.
Apple Chutney
Peel and cube 6 apples into bite size pieces
Dice 1 onion
In a pan heat 15 ml of olive olive on medium heat, add diced onions and apple.  Add a splash of vinegar. Cook until mixture is a sauce-like consistency. Serve with your pork roast. 


FRENCH ONION SOUP. Found this recipe in the  Frugal Chef site online.

Serves six

6 large white onions – thinly sliced
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1 TBS sugar
2 garlic cloves – minced
8 cups beef stock
1/2 cup red wine
1 TBS fresh thyme leaves or 1 tsp. dried
2 bay leaves
4 toasted pieces of baguette
1 cup shredded Gruyere cheese
Salt & Pepper

Melt the butter in a large pot. Add the onion and start caramelizing – stirring occasionally. Cook for 15 minutes and add the sugar. Mix well and continue cooking until onions are deep amber but not burned – about 40 minutes.

Add the garlic and cook for about 2 minutes until fragrant. Add the stock, wine, thyme and bay leaves. Season to with salt and pepper – to taste.

Bring soup to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes. Ladle soup into oven proof bowls. Top with baguette and shredded cheese. Place the soup under the broiler and melt and brown the cheese. Serve and enjoy!

CALORIES 373.06; FAT 17.65 grs (sat 10.18; mono 4.75; poly 1.03); PROTEIN 15.86 grs ; FIBER 3.22 grs; CARBS 37.94 grs; CHOLESTEROL 46.14 mg; IRON 1.98 mg; SODIUM 274.70 mg; CALCIUM 277.37 mg

We are all looking for ways to stretch our food budget in these days of rising prices and for those of us still working it really helps to plan your meals ahead of time as well to keep us from those quick expensive fast food stops on the way home from work.

Here is just one example of idea’s, last week we picked up a Roast Beef at Gateway ( Cole Harbor ) for just over $16.00. I have heard sooo many people say they can’t afford Roast Beef’s these day’s at the cost of Beef. So here is what we did!  Now the pictures above are just from the internet, I should have taken pictures of our meals but didn’t think at the time I would do this blog.

We made a nice Roast Beef Supper, Roast, Potatoes, carrots, gravy etc…..took the leftover’s, cut them up for a Beef Strogonoff and some for Sliced Roast Sandwich’s for lunch’s ( or supper ).

We ended up with a total of 15 Meals….I tallied up the costs involved, now some savings come from Stockpile items that we have gotten either FREE or at very reasonable prices…which is the joy of having a Stockpile in your cupboards!  The Total costs were $23.36 for 15 meals or $1.52 a meal per adult!  You just can’t go wrong here.


Roast — Gateway $16.00
Bacon Strips ( Free from Maple Leaf Deal ) to put on top of roast
Potatoes –Chop’s $.50
Carrots Chops $.50 or less ( 2 lbs were 1.88 and only used 2 carrots )
Turnip –Gateway $.50 approx
Campbell Soup Kit –Free from Superstore in our Stockpile
Onion’s approx .10
Corn Niblets .59 ( canned on sale )
Cabbage .20 ( used less than 1/2 cabbage )
Beef Broth $1.59 ( on sale )
Margarine $.10 ( to butter bread ) ( No Frills $1.00 tub )
Gravy mix .79
Sour Cream No Frills $.50 ( got a full one at No Frills for $1.00)
Noodles .50 ( Barilla from sale in our stockpile)
Bread $1.00 ( marked down )
Total Approx $22.87….did meals for 3 adults for 5 meals ( 15 portions ) = $1.52 PER PERSON
Could have reduced it even further by using Beef Oxo cubes or no name broth, but we used the Campbell’s broth we purchased on sale and had in our stockpile

Roast Beef Meal  3 meal size portions
Some left over’s for large pot of Beef Stew  5 meal size portions (could easily make Beef Pot Pies with some of  this…just thicken it )
Beef Strognoff 4 portions
Lunch meat from roast beef  3 sandwich portions

SALSA SOUP by THERESA RAYA Salsa soup … feeds 3.

3 pkgs Mr Noodles (or store brand ramen noodles) … do NOT use the flavour packet
Salsa to taste
Sour cream to taste

Break noodles into small pieces, and prepare noodles and drain most of the water. Add in a couple of tbsp salsa and a couple of tbsp sour cream. Mix well and serve. You can add any meat or veggies you might have on hand.

Without meat and veggies, you can make this for about $1/meal (not per serving … per meal)



This  is a good one for sale items.

Sweet Potato 0.97 pr lb at Gateway or Walmart. Turkey bacon on sale $4 per pkg at Sobeys. Chicken breast on $3.77 per lb at Superstore if that sale is still on or people have in their freezers. Possible to eat light on a budget too! Toss diced sweet potato and diced chicken in olive oil, garlic powder, hot sauce, paprika and salt and pepp to taste. Put in casserole dish, bake until sweet potato tender and chicken cooked thru. Take out, top with crumbled bacon and green onion, toss, heat another 5 min. YUM!

Ground beef (on sale this week)
Onions (sale at Gateway or Chops)
Catalina pasta (on sale .99 in my stockpile)
Can gravy (was on sale in my stockpile)
Green Giant bag of frozen veg (on sale and used coupon, in my freezer stockpile)
Shred Cheese (on sale and used coupon, stockpile in my freezer)

Fry up beef and onions. Drain fat and add gravy. Cook up pasta. Mix up pasta, beef and gravy, corn and some cheese.
Top with additional cheese.
Bake in oven.


Another healthy (for those trying to cut fat and carbs) one for cheap! Deconstructed cabbage rolls! Ground beef from freezer stock pile from this past week’s sales. Cabbage is always pretty cheap. Canned Aylmer Accent tomatoes $0.50 per can with coupons and sales from stockpile. http://www.fitmomangelad.com/unstuffedcabbagerolls/ 



Invest in a bread maker! You can make a perfect dough skipping all the kneading and make your own pizza (a jar of sauce is often on sale for less than a $, use cheese you got for cheap, veggies from the reduced produce shelf etc).

It tastes great, fresh and W-A-Y CHEAPER that a store bought or (especially) ordered one. Kids LOVE making their own pizzas and will eat it in no time! Other possibilities of using the dough are endless: sausage rolls (a package of hot dogs is often less than a $, or free with a right coupon), home made Cinnabon rolls and, of course, freshly home baked bread (just throw all the ingredients in the machine and have a loaf of fresh warm bread in few hours)! A bag of flour (you probably got on sale as well 😉)goes a long way!
And you don’t even need to spend much money on the bread maker. My husband got one at the thrift store for $5 and we happily use it for more than 4 years now

This is always a great quick and inexpensive meal!  We must all have a stock of various Pasta Noodles from the great deals over the past few months…. I know I do!

Giant Tiger this week has the Catelli Garden Select Sauce on for $1.00 often or if you have a stockpile of Aylmer’s Canned Tomatoes which have been on sale quite a bit over the past few months then it makes for a great inexpensive meal and usually with left over’s for lunch 🙂 Pick up a few of the Catelli Garden Select Sauces and tuck them into your stockpile while they are on sale this week.

Take some bread ( homemade is awesome ) or some from your freezer/stockpile and make some garlic toast to go with it. 

This week there are new coupon’s out for Wonder bread, so keep your eyes open for the pink sticker’s and sales on this bread.

Watch for the sales on some of these staples and pick up a few extra’s for your family to use when there are not sales on.

I love it when Bernie makes Frittata’s for breakfast. Usually he will add some leftover potatoe chopped up, some precooked bacon, diced onion’s and of course cheese ( always best when gotten at sale prices/clearance prices….look at our site this week for those!  Egg’s are usually the least expensive at Shoppers Drug Mart and you receipt Optimum Points to boot!

But you can lots of other things…some spinach (diced ) from your fridge, tomatoes especially if you have an awesome sale during the week…keep your eyes on Gateway/Chop’s for that !

You can use muffin tin’s or a frying pan to go into your oven, these are wonderful for time savings as well, do up a few, put them in a container in your fridge for the next few day’s. Get the kids to help you out with this on the weekend!

Bernie uses his own recipe…but I am just going to put a link HERE for some recipes for everyone

Boneless Pork Loin Chops are often sale at Chops/Cuts . This is one of my “go to” meals and the family loves it…usually always have some left over’s for a quick lunch which is handy to take to work 🙂  When on sale it would be the week to pick up extra “Loin Chop’s” to tuck them in your freezer for use later !

Oil your pan, fry onions and mushrooms in oil …sear Pork Loin Chops on both sides, then add cream of mushroom soup ( rinse can with the milk and add to pan )…then simmer until done. 

We usually have mashed potatoes with this although rice or noodles would work as well and a vegetable…while corn  is my personal favorite with this meal, it does depend on what I have in my stockpile or what is on sale this week.  I currently have lots of Avon canned vegetables ( on sale from Lawton’s for .33 abt 3 months ago ) and I usually have some “root vegetables” in the house, carrots, turnip etc.

Salad is also an option to go with this meal. 

  • 4 Pork loin chops…
  • Mushrooms, I prefer fresh
  • Fresh Onion, although dried would work
  • 1 can Cream of mushroom soup…on sale at Superstore this week for .50 
  • 1/2 tsp Black pepper, ground
  • 1 tbsp Canola oil
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Potatoes ( mashed )   or Rice or Noodles
  • Vegetable of your choice ( check your freezer or stockpile)


** Pork sale and Soup sales are good one’s to watch for…if you like this meal ( or others using either ingredient)

Jelena Asaciova : Would like to share one of my favorite frugal meals: eggplant pizza. It’s fast, easy, very light but filling meal. Usually I buy eggplants reduced to a dollar or less at superstore or walmart and all what you need extra is already at your home: oil, tomato sauce, cheese and spices. Enjoy!

DELUXE POTATO SOUP From Karyn Tannahill Blackburn

-fry up 12 pieces of bacon (stockpile in my freezer, free Mapleleaf), onion (chops)
-big pot melt 2/3 cup butter (stockpile from sale in freezer), add 2/3 cup of flour ($10 for large bag on sale regular $15, I always buy 3), add 4 cups of milk (SDM 20x the points on Sat, download offers), 3 cups of chicken broth (described in previous recipe), whisk until thick
-add cut up potatoes ($2 for 10lb bag, only need about 6-10), add onion and bacon mixture
-add 1 cup of sour cream (was on sale for $1), 1 cup of shred cheese (kraft sale and coupon, stockpile in my freezer)
-add any spices you like and s&p, green onion, chives etc
******I doubled this recipe and it fed 5 of us supper and 5 children the next lunch*****

CHICKEN & ROASTED VEG From Karyn Tannahill Blackburn

10 Chicken legs @1.28 a pound at Chops ($12)
-add spices and bread crumbs (leftover ends that I freeze, bread always 50% off) on the top. Cook.
Potato (10 lbs for $2), Carrots ($1.88), Turnip (.50), onion all at Chops or Gateway
-chop up, add oil (mazola from stock pile, large bottle for .50), add spices and roast in oven.
* ***this gave us supper for 2 adults and 3 children, plus lunch for 4 children the next day. And still leftover chicken and veg.

CHICKEN ALFREDO From Karyn Tannahill Blackburn

– with the leftover chicken, take off of bone. Take bones from 10 chicken legs and put in slow cooker. Fill with water and add 1tsp of apple cider (stockpile) to break down the bones. Slow cook 24 hours.
– i bag the leftover broth and use for future meals, as well as freeze any bones during the next few weeks, make broth each time I have enough
– melt 6T of butter (stockpile in freezer from sale) and a block of cream cheese (stockpile in freezer from a sale and coupon) Stir in 1/2 cup of milk (SDM 20x the points on milk on Sat, download offers), add garlic powder
-add any veg that is on sale this week. (Broccoli, carrots, mushroom etc all from Chops)
– put over pasta (catelina pasta $1)
******I do freeze the alfredo sauce with chicken and veg. Put in freezer for a future meal, just add pasta once it is heated****