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Over the years I have used many methods to organize my coupons, but have to say that each one provided a challenge. I searched for the one that fit me and until the past year just couldn’t find one that did it all for me.

A dear friend ( Millie ) had told me about the Glow Girl Organizer but I just wasn’t certain about it.  She gave up on me lol…and just got me one…She started  me with the smaller one in the picture above which holds approx 1500 coupons and it was great, but quickly found that I needed the bigger one ( again in the picture above ).  She was right and I should have listened to her years ago…yes I have told her that more than once lol.

Honestly, I fell in love with it from Day 1 !!  It came with the long strap ( a must for me ), all the cards pre done so I had no work to do, secret compartments to hold my FPC’s and other’s to hold the coupon’s that I want to use on that days shop ( see the pockets right in the front of it ).

It literally holds ALL the coupons I have, and I have a LOT!  All I have to do, is file the coupon in the right slot, pick up my bag and away I go to the store. It fits right in the front of the shopping cart at the stores,I simply unzip the top and pull out my coupon.

It is really easy to use, easy to take somewhere and holds everything I need it to. The bag is now well over a year old and still looks as good as it did on day one, it holds up to all my use of it.

Check out their site HERE and if you do decide to purchase anything there, tell them you are on SWG….use those initials SWG and you will get a 10% discount! 





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