CASH BACK APP’S/SITES ARE A MUST! They can make a huge difference in increasing your savings and are incredibly easy to use. We are in the digital age and it is increasing in leaps and bounds. Look at the new sites that are popping up all the time, Caddle and FLIPP being the most  recent. Most of the App’s can be used on your phone while some through your home computer or IPAD, but either way these truly are must have’s .

App’s that will literally give you money back on items you are buying everyday. Take a look at their weekly offer’s combine that with a sale and hopefully a coupon THEN
upload for your cash back rebate. When you are able to do all three, SALE COUPON and CASHBACK it is what I call the GOLD TRIO!


1. Sign up for the Cash Back APP. Our Cash Back section has the direct links for you to make it easy. Click on the picture and voila you are there ready to join.
2. Check the offer’s each week, find the one’s your family uses, read the instructions carefully as it will tell you any conditions such as limits and if you can
use coupons with the offer.
3. Some offer’s are very popular so if you find one you really want, plan on getting it early so they don’t run out and upload your receipt right away.
4. Purchase your item, upload your receipt by following the instructions. Always ensure you can read the upload picture you submit and you capture the entire receipt. If it is a long receipt you can take it in sections, the app will help you with that as well. The first one you do is always a learning process so don’t worry it becomes
second nature very quickly. Claim your offer and submit.
5. Check the Savingwithgail Facebook site often as we all post those “hot” deals to help out.




This is the hottest and most popular of all the Cash Back App’s right now and is the one we post about the most. We find quite a few deals weekly and almost always have
one or more in the Weekly Deals.

The Offers go “live” from Thursday 12:01am to Wednesday 11:59pm.
Currently CO51 has the most weekly offers of all the Cash Rebate Sites.
You can request your cheque once you reach $20.00
CO51 is available for both Apple and Android users.
Available on their website as well as digital
You and your partner can each have an account
Sign up for your Checkout51 Account HERE


Caddle is the newest kid on the block with a nice difference. You can buy the products they offer each week and get the CASH REBATE and also you can participate in
and earn money by watching a very short  15 second video and answer a few questions. If you didn’t want to purchase any products but just did the video’s and questions you earn money and cash out at $20

The offer  often come up on Wednesday but can change at any time.
This app is currently only available for Apple Users and on your Computer, but keep watching for changes to that.
As in CO51 you can request your cheque when you reach $20 by cheque or Paypal
Sign up for your Caddle Account HERE



FLIPP is brand new. Check it out here….you will need to access it on your mobile device


You can Price match with the paper flyer or you can use one of the digital apps. Learn about Price Matching HERE 



An Electronic APP to  browse flyers, create a shopping list and search for products! Click HERE


Flyerify is another great app. Save Screenshots in a folder to use for price matching at the Cashier.

View on your computer through the their website
All Flyers are available for viewing and you can add your favorite there as well
App is available for both Apple & Android users.  For more information click HERE

  1. flipp


Flipp is a great app to use, enter your Postal code and it will pull up all the flyers in your area. Check out the other features in FLIPP.

This APP is available for both Apple and Android Owners.
You can “clip” items from the flyers, they will show under the clippings section for you to show your cashier to price match.
There is also a search feature where you can search for a product on sale for the best price in your area.
There is a coupon feature, when you see a $ on a product it means there is a coupon to match that product. When you click on the $ it will show you the coupon.
For more information click HERE