Both new and experienced Couponer’s all feel a little anxiety as they approach a new Cashier. To help ease some of the anxiety I thought it would be a good idea to post both some tips/hints as well as some of the more common statements we have faced with some information as well as some potential replies .

1. Always, always, always read your coupon, know what it covers so that you are prepared at the Check out. Know if taxes are included in the face value, the expiry date. I have found that if you use a yellow highlighter to highlight both the expiry date and the part where it states taxes are included if on a coupon. I have found that it saves a LOT of hassle at the checkout.
2. Be organized, have your paper flyer/electronic device if you are price matching ready and
your coupons all set to go as well. I usually have the coupons with the products as it saves
the cashier going back into the bags looking to see if I purchased the item in question.
3. Definitely know the policies of the store you are shopping at, do they price match, are there limits, do they give overages ( Walmart & Giant Tiger here in N.S. are the only 2 stores that allow the overages). Print the policies if you run into problems at the store routinely so that you have them with you in case of issues ( although personally I do not like referring to a  Company policy document while in a check out line ) I will move to Customer Service first.
4. Follow the rules, again, know your coupon, know we don’t stack here in N.S. and remember Cashier’s will remember if you try and put one over on them, so honesty is always the best policy.
5. Talk to the Cashier, they are people just like us, have good days, bad day’s, good Customers and challenging one’s. Always be polite and reasonable. If you differ with their decision, ask for help, from a Supervisor/Manager. They are trying to follow the rules as they feel they are and don’t want to get into trouble.Be patient and always polite and calm. They will learn when the Supervisor explains the coupon to them. If you become angry then the situation becomes that much more difficult and time consuming.
6. If you are doing several transactions due to Cash Rebates i.e. CO51, explain that to the  Cashier. I have often just said ” I am not trying to be a pain with these separate transaction’s, it is that I need separate receipts for Cash Rebates. I often get a chuckle back and some cashier’s have said that they use Check Out 51 as well! It often lets the customers behind you hear what you are saying and then they are prepared for a bit longer wait and  gives them the choice of going to another cashier if they are in a hurry. Remember it is YOUR savings and you are entitled to that!
7. Stay calm and polite, remember you are representing all of us Couponer’s!
8. If you shop at the same store week after week, know your cashier. Find one that is coupon knowledgeable and coupon friendly and go to them when ever you can.

1. “You can only use 1 of these coupons because it says 1 per purchase “

1 Per purchase means I can only use one coupon per item not 1 per transaction. That I
cannot use 2 coupons on the same product. I often point to one of the items and say”.this
is a purchase , then point to everything I am buying and say “all of this is a transaction.

2. ” You can’t use this coupon because it is for $3.00 and the item is only $2.29″
Know your store, Walmart & Giant Tiger here in N.S. allow you the “extra ” money, or
“overage” , others do not. Know what your store allows BEFORE attempting these.

Most store’s allow the cashier to adjust the Coupon to the value of the
product. For example at Shoppers Drug Mart using a $3.00 Coupon on a product that is
on sale for $2.29. If the coupon states lets say that GST/PST are included in the face value
of the coupon that mean’s the product is $2.29 and taxes of .34 for a total of $2.63.
Because the coupon is $3.00 it will cover the entire cost. but at Shopper’s you would NOT
get the overage, just the product FREE. I always have these one’s done in a separate
transaction so I can clearly see when it comes to 0 cost that I am not paying the taxes.

3. “I can’t take this coupon because it is in French”

Because Canada is a bilingual County, French Coupons should be accepted. If you still
run into problems, ask for help, ask for a Manager or a Cashier that is able to speak/read
French. I have used French Coupons but have always has the English one’s with me so the
cashier could clearly see the wording and I have not had any problems to date.

4. ” We don’t take printable coupons” Or we only allow 1 coupon per transaction”
If you have shopped here before and have not run across this…don’t be afraid to as to see
that in writing, especially if they say it is a new policy. I have had that happen and often it
was just the cashier…not the store’s policy. It was quickly resolved when the cashier stated
she would let it go through this time only. If it doesn’t get resolved, ask for help, a
Manager/Supervisor. Again stay calm and polite. If you still differ ask for a phone number
for their Corporate office, put the item back and then call the Corporate office.

If you have the Store’s written policy with you, you can quickly look it up…remember you
really benefit by knowing the stores policy on items you are shopping for and using a
coupon on. This won’t happen often.
5. “You can’t an item for FREE”
My coupon is legal tender, the same as cash , credit or debit. Again…know your store’s
policy before you do this. I have only had this happen a few time’s and that was years ago

6. ” Your coupon isn’t good on this product because it isn’t pictures “

The coupon states good on any of the products and a Company cannot put a picture of all
of their products on a small coupon. It is the wording that is important and it says “good on
any of their Company’s products”



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