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We are all looking for ways to stretch our food budget in these days of rising prices and for those of us still working it really helps to plan your meals ahead of time as well to keep us from those quick expensive fast food stops on the way home from work.

Here is just one example of idea’s, last week we picked up a Roast Beef at Gateway ( Cole Harbour ) for just over $16.00. I have heard sooo many people say they can’t afford Roast Beef’s these day’s at the cost of Beef. So here is what we did!  Now the pictures above are just from the internet, I should have taken pictures of our meals but didn’t think at the time I would do this blog.

We made a nice Roast Beef Supper, Roast, Potatoes, carrots, gravy etc…..took the leftover’s, cut them up for a Beef Strogonoff and some for Sliced Roast Sandwich’s for lunch’s ( or supper ).

We ended up with a total of 15 Meals….I tallied up the costs involved, now some savings come from Stockpile items that we have gotten either FREE or at very reasonable prices…which is the joy of having a Stockpile in your cupboards!  The Total costs were $23.36 for 15 meals or $1.52 a meal per adult!  You just can’t go wrong here.


Roast — Gateway $16.00
Bacon Strips ( Free from Maple Leaf Deal ) to put on top of roast
Potatoes –Chop’s $.50
Carrots Chops $.50 or less ( 2 lbs were 1.88 and only used 2 carrots )
Turnip –Gateway $.50 approx
Campbell Soup Kit –Free from Superstore in our Stockpile
Onion’s approx .10
Corn Niblets .59 ( canned on sale )
Cabbage .20 ( used less than 1/2 cabbage )
Beef Broth $1.59 ( on sale )
Margarine $.10 ( to butter bread ) ( No Frills $1.00 tub )
Gravy mix .79
Sour Cream No Frills $.50 ( got a full one at No Frills for $1.00)
Noodles .50 ( Barilla from sale in our stockpile)
Bread $1.00 ( marked down )
Total Approx $22.87….did meals for 3 adults for 5 meals ( 15 portions ) = $1.52 PER PERSON
Could have reduced it even further by using Beef Oxo cubes or no name broth, but we used the Campbell’s broth we purchased on sale and had in our stockpile

Roast Beef Meal  3 meal size portions
Some left over’s for large pot of Beef Stew  5 meal size portions (could easily make Beef Pot Pies with some of  this…just thicken it )
Beef Strognoff 4 portions
Lunch meat from roast beef  3 sandwich portions




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